Our coaching programme is designed to help you lead with humour and be a better leader. Together, we’ll develop a targeted action plan to help you accelerate positive change in your team and in your career thanks to in-depth coaching.


“Humour is an evolutionary skill that needs continual attention and self-awareness to really capture it's potential power in leadership. Vanessa is remarkable in guiding this journey through her expertly developed programmes. I've been fortunate to witness the impact on my humour style through workshops, including group workshop at University of Cambridge and company workshop at IHS Markit, and a challenging 1-1 coaching series. if you're looking for a thoughtful journey that can deliver to a group or individual, reach out to Vanessa - I'm so glad I did!”
Sarah Broderick
CRO, Cambridge
“In our sessions, Vanessa mentored me and made me realise I can lead with humour too. I have started using good jokes and bringing humour within the team even if that is with 'Giphy' as it brings a smile on someones face. Thanks Vanessa, you have truly improved the way I would use my humour skills and helped me understand that I can joke about anything on this earth!”
Laveena Ramchandani
Senior Consultant, Deloitte UK

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