Humans Of Comedy: Donna Landy

Comedian Donna Landy

At Leading With Humour we are bridging Science, business and entertainment. We believe you don’t have to take yourself seriously to be successful and we bring you tools to laugh your way to the top and live a life full of laughter! We regularly bring you humour superhero to inspire you. With Humans of Comedy we want to understand the human behind the comedian. Today we meet comedian Donna Landy.

Comedy bio: Donna will have you in stitches at the madness of being Trans and Jewish. And, of trying to find love in your fifties when you act like you’re sweet sixteen. During the day she swears at computers. Appeared at the Brighton Fringe Festival 2020 in ‘Insanitized’.

Humans of Comedy Interview

Who is the human behind the comedian?

She’s a bit shy really, but with an extrovert streak that loves to come out and steal the limelight. She loves people and enjoys showing them a good time. Oh wait no, that’s her other show •

How did you start comedy? Why?

I’ve always wanted to have a go, I think, and I used to perform at school until a bad performance put me off. During the pandemic, I saw that Laughing Horse ran a course by Jay Sodagar which teaches you the ropes and gets you on stage for 5 mins.

How was your first stand-up experience?

It was terrifying, but it broke my duck, and I never looked back. I was so nervous I rushed through everything and didn’t get many laughs. Best comment of the night: “Great hair”•

What was your biggest failure?

Apart from dying on my arse when I was 11 at school, probably my first gig,

What was your biggest success?

Arguably the set I did for “Sacrilege” in the USA, where I did a combination of stand-up about being trans and Jewish, and a sketch of me confronting God about everything I’d been taught. It went down a storm and I got lovely feedback.

What is your best memory?

Maybe being at Jack’s CCJ gig and feeling warm and welcomed by everyone, even though I wasn’t that good, yet, and even though I had a bit of an attitude, lol. People were so lovely and understanding.

What is your favourite comedian? Why?

Can I have two? Milton Jones for stunning one-liners. And Hannah Gadsby for breaking my heart and getting me to laugh at ‘Nanette’, and breaking the boundaries of what I thought was possible in stand-up. OK, three – Iliza Shlesinger for just generally being an all-star performer and so, so funny.

A book or show you recommend?

How to Kill in Comedy by Steve North

How comedy transformed you/shaped you as the person you are today?

I’m so much more confident, not afraid to speak up and say what needs to be said – and then, it can be said with compassion and love. And, I’ve met so many lovely, talented, and funny people along the way, you included Vanessa. We are a beautiful community.

What lesson did you learn from comedy?

That it’s easier to transform people with kindness.

Donna is one of our “Comedian Therapist” performing stand up in our “Comedy Therapy Practice” aka Virtual Comedy Club. Book your ticket.

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