Humans Of Comedy: Paul Scahill

Leading With Humour brings you tools to laugh your way to the top and live a life full of laughter! With Humans of Comedy, we want to understand the human behind the comedian. Today we meet comedian Paul Scahill.
Comedian Paul Scahill

At Leading With Humour we are bridging Science, business and entertainment. We believe you don’t have to take yourself seriously to be successful and we bring you tools to laugh your way to the top and live a life full of laughter! We regularly bring you humour superheroes to inspire you. With Humans of Comedy we want to understand the human behind the comedian. Today we meet comedian Paul Scahill.

Humans of Comedy Interview

Who is the human behind the comedian?

I’m not sure, I’ve always just found life confusing & what people do odd, comedy helps me put it into perspective.

How did you start comedy?

Even in the playground I tried to make people laugh.


I come from a horrible background & found at an early age it was a great defence.

How was your first stand-up experience?

My 1st time on stage wasn’t planned & wasn’t even comedy. At school, we went to see Mcbeth & at the end of the production they wanted to have 2 people for a court case, one prosecuting lady Mcbeth & one defending her.
I defended her & won, it was my 1st standing ovation! As for my 1st stand up set, that also wasn’t planned. It was in a hospital bar where I used to be the manager of the radio station. There was a stage & I was egged up to get on the stage & did about 15-20 mins about how much I hated shopping trolleys. When I had people begging me to stop because their sides were hurting, I knew this was something I wanted to do.

What was your biggest failure?

I don’t believe in failure, it’s more a case of “oh I f**ked that up, let’s try again”. Sometimes, you’ll be faced with a situation you can’t do anything about & no matter how bad you learn something from that, what matters is what you do with that lesson.

What was your biggest success?

I woke up this morning, I’m still breathing & I have another 24 hrs to do something.

What is your best memory?

That’s like asking “what’s your favourite child”! All I can say is my life has been f***ing amazing & if you’re really unlucky I will tell you all of them.

What is your favourite comedian? Laurel & Hardy (but especially Stan).


For me, they were the kings of comedy. They were doing outstanding comedy even before sound was used! They never punched down. Even today people still identify with the ideas they used & they are timeless.

A book or show you recommend?

A book, that’s another picking your fave child again…. so if I have to pick one, I’d say Anthony Burgess’s “A Clockwork Orange” only because the film is incomplete & you need to read this to get the true outcome.

How comedy transformed you/shaped you as the person you are today?

Comedy has helped me to talk to people & understand EVERYONE has a story, everyone is unique & that odd is beauty.

What lesson did you learn from comedy?

Life is a combination of stupidity & luck ohhhh & get paid before you go on.

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