Humans Of Comedy: Peter Innocente

Comedian Peter Innocente

At Leading With Humour we are bridging Science, business and entertainment. We believe you don’t have to take yourself seriously to be successful and we bring you tools to laugh your way to the top and live a life full of laughter! We regularly bring you humour superheroes to inspire you. With Humans of Comedy we want to understand the human behind the comedian. Today we meet comedian Peter Innocente.

Comedian bio: If sex bombs were legal they would sell this guy in shops. Expect the unexpected when you see the passionate profanity of Peter Innocente His friends describe him as the main reason they Self isolate, His family say it’s a miracle he’s still here, Peter is part of the Insanitised comedy collective who ask themselves how he ever got in! So don’t wreck yourself Protect yourself and strap in for a rollercoaster ride in the mind of Peter Innocente

Humans of Comedy Interview

Who is the human behind the comedian?

You know, I’m just like any honest part time crime fighter, I’d do it full time, but I only watch crimewatch once a week.

How did you start comedy?

I did a laughing horse comedy course back in February 2020 When going to the pub was still legal

Why? Because I wanted a pint? No, because I’d kick myself if I didn’t try it.

How was your first stand-up experience? Not sure, I kind of blacked out.

What was your biggest failure?

My first comedy experience, no. To quote someone completely not talking about comedy: You win or you learn. In essence, you never fail.

What was your biggest success?

Convincing the world I’m a mere mortal. That and my tea making ability, seriously It’s championship level.

What is your best memory?

The one I get all of a sudden when I’ve been trying to remember that actors name for a whole bloody week!

What is your favourite comedian?

This week? Anthony Jeselnek

Why? He’s a great study for comic timing and a master of misdirection.

A book or show you recommend?

I’m a true crime guy, I would say anything from Tony Thompson or Reefer Men, probably the best true crime story I’ve ever read and if they make it into a movie I gotta be in it, I feel like I’ve earned a role.

How comedy transformed you/shaped you as the person you are today?

Not sure, I kinda feel like I’m the same idiot I was before I started.

What lesson did you learn from comedy?

Don’t take everything so seriously!!

Peter is one of our “Comedian Therapist” performing stand up in our “Comedy Therapy Practice” aka Virtual Comedy Club. Book your ticket.

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