Change Your Culture One Laugh at a Time

Create work environments where fun, humour and play are building blocks to achieve productivity and performance.

How to Make Work a Better Place

1. Strategy Design

We help you articulate your vision for your organisation and how humour can enable it.
We work with your senior leadership team, your managers and their team to develop a realistic culture change strategy that will work for you.

2. Culture Diagnostic

You now have a clear vision for your organisation so let’s identify where your current position is.
We work with a Culture Diagnostic tool that provides an initial multidimensional view of your organisational humour climate.
Our Humour Climate Diagnostic is a questionnaire-based assessment that provides an expert analysis to give you a true picture of where you are on the cultural change journey. The H.C.D highlights the key drivers and levers that will need to be applied to make informed choices for optimised culture change interventions.

3. Planning & Implementation

You have the vision, the starting point and recommendations to make improvements to your organisational culture. We will help you design and deliver the strategies and actions that will work for your people and your organisation.

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One Of The World Top Expert in Humour & Leadership

Dr Vanessa Marcie
CEO And Founder