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Our series of impactful online training is based on research and proven practical tools to shift an individual mindset to achieve a positive level of leadership through humour.

FREE virtual expert interviews
Designed to give ideas & inspiration from positive leaders
Group coaching sessions
An opportunity to ask questions during weekly live, 60-minute Q&A sessions
Online training programmes
Series of interactive learning opportunities with practice time & interactions 
Virtual classes
In-depth sessions on specific topics. Perfect to start your transformative journey to positive leadership
FREE online resources

Online Training & Webinars

You can now live the Leading With Humour experience from the comfort of your home by joining one of our virtual classes.
Sessions are delivered via Zoom and feature powerful content, interactive exercises, practical insights, fun and laughter.

Improve your personal relationships and connect deeper through humour
Learn to connect deeper with your partner, get some tips on how you can laugh more as a couple, infuse laughter in your relationships, uncover one of the top secrets to a long and happy relationship.
Virtual Class: Wednesday 17th June 6.30 -8 PM UK Time

Live Expert Interview:  Conversation with Stephanie Mearse Author, Wednesday June 1oth @ 5-6 PM UK Time
Conversation with Valerie DiLuggo Therapist, Wednesday June 24th @ 5-6 PM UK Time
Conversation with Lyn Smith Coach, Wednesday July 1st @ 12.30-1.30 PM UK Time

Network with humour: Supercharge your sense of humour to thrive in social situations
Feel comfortable “working a room”, create meaningful connections, network successfully, standout positively.
Training: Coming soon Webinar: Wednesday 9th Sept 12.30 -13.30 UK Time Live Expert Interview:  Coming soon

Branding with humour: Show a more human side of your brand
Incorporate more humour into your marketing and communications, have fun with your branding in adding humorous elements to your marketing campaigns.
Training: Coming soon Webinar: Wednesday 14th Oct 12.30 -13.30 UK Time Live Expert Interview:  Coming soon

Mindfulness with humour: feel the benefits of mixing humour with yoga
Learn the healing power of humour to bring more laughter and joy into your life,  to improve your well-being.
Training: Coming soon Webinar: Wednesday 11th Nov 12.30 -13.30 UK Time Live Expert Interview:  Coming soon

Live with humour: Get ready for the new year ahead in adding levity to your life
Add humour, levity & fun to your life with a vision board, use humour to become a better version of yourself.
Training: Coming soon Webinar: Wednesday 16th Dec 12.30 -13.30 UK Time Live Expert Interview:  Coming soon

Bundles 2020


485 value over € 930
  • Online Resources
  • Expert Interviews
  • 1 Online Training programme
  • 6 Virtual Classes
  • Consulting Sessions


755 value over € 1420
  • Online Resources
  • Expert Interviews
  • 2 Online Training programme
  • 8 Virtual Classes
  • Consulting Sessions


1990 value over € 3645
  • Online Resources
  • Expert Interviews
  • 3 Online Training programme
  • 12 Virtual Classes
  • 4 Consulting Sessions

Individual Session Fees (per person):

  • Online Fireside Chat Free
  • Virtual Class € 35 + Fees
  • Online Training Programme € 345 + Fees
  • Individual Consulting Session € 300
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