What to expect from a class at Leading With Humour

We begin each of our classes with a short introduction from our attendees, to give you a chance to meet others.

A 90 minutes class will follow designed to include a lecture presentation on the topic, a group discussion and exercises.

  1. Which class should I attend?
  2. Is there any material supplied?
  3. How many attendees?
  4. Is the class interactive?
  5. Who is the average attendee?
  6. Is the audience international?

Which class should I attend?

Start your journey to develop your “Humour intelligence”, a leadership skill for the 21 st century with Leading With Humour choosing the most interesting topic to you. Classes fit into two categories: Leadership skills and Self-awareness.
We advise for first-time attendees to attend: 

  • How to understand your sense of humour
  • How to craft the perfect comeback
  • Speaking with humour

Is there any material supplied?

For each virtual class, a dedicated handout will be emailed the day before your class. Copies of the slides are not provided. Key ideas will be contained in the handout. 

How many attendees?

Our online classes have a maximum of 20 people to ensure better interaction.

Is the class interactive?

 All our classes are interactive. They are designed to include discussion and exercises. We encourage you to keep your microphone and camera open, to ask questions and to share what you are comfortable with.   

Who is the average attendee?

People from all walks of life and nationalities attend our online classes but with a similar interest in leadership skills improvement.

Is the audience international?

 Leading With Humour is an international company, and all our classes are delivered in English. Therefore, we welcome online a mixture of international people.