Humour is a catalyst for creativity

Humour, a catalyst for creativity

Vanessa Marcié has published her first article “Humour, a catalyst for creativity” in the Harvard Business Review France. Read an extract here.

Innovation rarely thrives in overly serious environments.

Humour is a catalyst for creativity. Today, in organisations, we are increasingly required to promote innovation and solve problems creatively. But to express their creativity, employees must have the freedom and psychological security necessary to share their ideas. An environment of relaxation and entertainment where employees and employers demonstrate a sense of humour encourages creativity. Read more on Hbrfrance.f

Humor can change our way of thinking

Humour is indeed considered as a creative act because creativity, like humour, arouses surprise by breaking certain frames. Both involve establishing non-obvious links between incongruous elements. And what is a joke, if it is not a combination of different and/or contrasting ideas that creates a discrepancy, disobeying conventional expectations. Theorists suggest that humour drives cognitive processes that are conducive to creative thinking.

Humour brings awareness of the incongruity between two elements. And the ability to switch from one element to another is a cognitive process identified as enhancing creativity. In other words, humour changes the way we think and facilitates an unexpected way of thinking, like the one that prompted Einstein imagining himself overlapping a team of light. By developing our sense of humour, we develop a new ability to understand problems from different angles, and this type of thinking leads to greater creativity. Read more on Hbrfrance.f

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