Humour is a leadership tool for the 21st Century and we need it now more than ever. 

Thriving organisations are all people-centric and share a  common purpose of positive culture, collaboration and engagement. By investing in this leadership skill for their people, organisations in every industry can build a more positive, inclusive and productive workplace.


We create virtual and in-person training tailored to your objectives. We prepare your teams to develop the necessary skills to lead with humour and be better leaders. Our sessions are highly experiential. We are mixing theory, practical tips, experience sharing and interactive games.


In today’s world, change is inevitable to move your business forward. Our aim is to reduce the impact that change has on an organisation, its culture, its people, and its ability to fulfill its vision and mission using the power of humour.


Are you facing leadership challenges?
Are you thinking of your career next step? 
Or are you looking to get your communication skills to the next level?

Our coaching programme is designed to help you lead with humour and be a better leader. Together, we’ll develop a targeted action plan to help you accelerate positive change in your team and in your career thanks to in-depth coaching


A series of 60 minutes interactive virtual or in-person sessions on the role humour plays in business. Our Keynote Speeches are an opportunity to address a large audience with an introduction to Humour in the workplace.

Why knowing your audience is key