The art of the COMEBACK

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You can now live the Leading With Humour experience from the comfort of your home by joining one of our virtual classes. Sessions are delivered via Zoom and feature powerful content, interactive exercises, practical insights, fun and laughter.

What is ‘The art of the comeback’?

The art of the comeback is a 1.30-hour live class by Leading With Humour which takes place in our virtual classroom over Zoom. 

Why should I attend?

We’ve all been there. Your coworker mocks you and you stand humiliated as laughter fills the room, your mind searching frantically for the perfect riposte. 
It’s only later that you think of the comeback. But the moment has passed.
No one is born a comeback expert. It takes trial and error. But if you don’t know how to respond effectively to situations, you’re going to get burned. It is an essential effective communication skill and should be part of your workplace surviving kit.
There are practical ideas we can engage with to learn how to craft the perfect comeback.

What will I learn? 

  • Master the art of the Comeback teaches us:
  • How to understand your sense of humour and use it for comebacks
  • The ABC of a good comeback
  • Top strategies to think of quick witted comebacks
  • How to fight brain freeze

This class costs € 29 (EARLY BIRD) and is run by our CEO. You can read more about Dr Vanessa Marcié here.

New dates for this class are added throughout the year.

Sessions– Please note that all timings are in British Summer Time (BT)
6:20pm BT session opens
6:30pm BT class begins
8:00pm BT class ends


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