Why humour is serious business

Maintaining group cohesiveness

A strategic use of humour can reduce an organisation’s external threat and induce a shared positive feeling within a group of people while reducing tension.

Reinforcing communication

When used to communicate, humour provokes and anchor positive emotions within the receiver. It enhances listening, understanding & acceptance of messages.

Reducing stress

Humour has a positive effect on anxiety, promoting psychological safety within a group which, as a result improves learning.

Promoting creativity

This sense of psychological safety within the team and organisation also encourages the openness necessary to encourage creative thinking and expression.

Enhancing organisational culture

The use and presence of humour in leadership promotes positive interpersonal relationships, increasing employee cohesiveness and commitment.

Boosting performance

Humour enhances happiness, which enhances wellbeing. Studies continue to prove that employee-wellbeing is vital to increased performance.

Reducing social distance

Humour helps bridge the barriers across corporate hierarchies, helping establish stronger relationships and improve teams’ effectiveness.