Do you need to improve your performance after a merger?
Do you want to revitalise your company by changing your business culture?
Do you need a mediator between leadership and staff to accomplish large-scale growth?
Do you need assistance to effectively implementing your change management process and long-term growth initiatives?

“Companies that create a winning culture are 3.7 times more likely to be top performers”(Bain & Company)

In today’s world, change is inevitable to move your business forward. Our aim is to leverage the impact that change has on an organisation, its culture, its people, and its ability to fulfil its vision and mission using the power of humour.
We help leaders to unleash the power of humour for more inclusive teams and funnier and safer workplaces
We support companies and institutions, from the initial diagnosis, the creation and implementation of a strategic plan to the animation of innovative training programmes, workshops and conferences on themes ranging from diversity and inclusion through innovation and creativity.
Our story?
 The concept of Leading With Humour emerged from an observation: Our companies and our institutions suffer from toxic cultures, employees lack of commitment and motivation, all of which negatively impact organisational productivity and employees’ well-being.
Our innovative humour-based methodology is both scientific, empirical and experiential. Using humour as a lever for learning and transformation is a new approach to consulting and management.
Our ambition? 
Break the codes and clichés of the corporate world to create work environments where fun, humour and play are building blocks to achieve productivity and performance.
We will help you deliver extraordinary business cultures using innovative approaches through humour to improving organisational performance focusing on:
consulting humour

Start your culture change journey with our bespoke Leading With Humour Diagnostic. 

This Leading With Humour Diagnostic tool is a questionnaire-based assessment that provides a multilayered view of your current organisational culture status. The tool helps you to:

  • Identify where your current position is on the cultural change journey 
  • Support you in addressing obstacles to your inclusive and effective teams objectives
  • Highlight the deficiency gaps; key drivers and levers that will need to be applied 
  • Make informed choices for culture change interventions