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Our goal is to help you lead with humour

Our programmes, coaching sessions and consulting services are designed to help you understand your unique sense and style of humour and ways to use it to implement positive changes in how you communicate and interact with others at work and in life.

Learn techniques from comedians and to play with humour incorporating it in your leadership style.
Adapt it to situations, people and according to the desire outcomes.
Create a culture and an environment where humour is an essential building brick of your organisation and your teams. It will have a positive ripple effect on the world.

We work in France & The UK and deliver our services both in French and English.


We’ve delivered change to hundreds people through our impactful workshops programmes and seminars.

  • Hands-on approach: The content is practical, being designed to focus on issues and situations relevant to your work environment.
  • Goal-oriented: You leave with a set of actions that you can take to reach your goals.
  • Research-driven: The methodology is built on serious data and an original research paper co-authored with a Cambridge University professor.
  • Experiential: More than simply learning theory, you'll get exercises to apply it in real time.
  • Entertaining: Humour can’t be boring so be assured that you’ll be entertained, and leave with a new understanding of humour and leadership — and a big smile.

Individual Leadership Academy

Organisational Leadership Training programmes


Coaching is a results-oriented process, designed to help you achieve extraordinary results. Activate your hidden potential while transforming your organisation’s effectiveness.

  • Clarity: You’ll get clarity on what you want and what are your expectations.
  • Growth: You’ll achieve regular and sustainable improvement and effective transformation to get where you want
  • Impact: You don’t just want immediate results, you want a real impact on yourself, your environment and the world.
  • Sustainability: You’ll transform your motivation into the core skills and habits you need to get where you want in a sustainable way.
  • Fun: We are talking about humour here, surely it is not meant to be boring.

Individual coaching

Executive coaching


We work with organisations to co-create & implement strategies to build a positive workplace culture.
  • Customised: We'll co-create strategies tailored to your specific needs and work environment.
  • Change-focused: We'll help you to harness the power of humor to make and scale positive change in your organisation and in the world
  • Growth: We’ll co-create a plan to fit your company growth strategy.
  • On brand: We’ll build on your strengths with respect of your company DNA.
  • Fun: We believe humour can add levity to your life and to any organisation while boosting performances.

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