Change The World, One Laugh At A Time

Humour is not taught in schools, in universities, or in workplaces.
That’s why we created Leading With Humour; a resource for improving our career, relationships and life through humour.

Unleash the Power of Humour

LWH creates the world’s most unique programmes in leadership development (and now personal development). Learn the power of humour with our science-based methodology.

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How Leading With Humour Works

1. Transform with Unique Online Programmes

Every minute of your time counts. We have created an innovative online programme using the Leading With Humour Methodology to make the best out of your learning time.

2. Transform with Powerful Coaching

Our coaching programmes bridge science, business and entertainment in a unique combination of humour science (to work on growth mindset) and leadership (for business impact).

3. Transform with Experiential Training, Wokshops and Keynotes

We design training, keynotes and workshops for your teams to develop the necessary skills to thrive at work. All our sessions are highly experiential, mixing theory, practical tips, experience sharing and interactive games.

Learn from
One Of The World Top Expert in Humour & Leadership

Dr Vanessa Marcie
CEO And Founder

Hey! Leader,

Everyday, you make thoughtful decisions to make a real impact in your business and transform the world around you.

Do you think humour isn’t serious business?

Wrong. It is a powerful and underappreciated asset that, if properly harnessed, can produce significant changes in your life and in your business.

Why ?

Humour gives you the dose of humanity, humility and intellectual perspective you need to achieve your goals. With a smile, you can build more effective teams, stronger relationships, and more innovative businesses.

Our goal is to help you cultivate a new superpower by exploring the various aspects of humour and developing useful tools for you. Welcome to this program for mastering humour in your leadership, a unique opportunity to transform the world with a smile.

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What Makes Leading With Humour So Powerful?

Leading With humour is not just another training company. We’ve learned what it takes to help leaders thrive and we’ve created the exact set of tools you need to drive lasting change through humour.

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