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Our coaching programmes are designed to deep dive into 6 key areas of growth.


Leading With Humour Unique Coaching Programmes

Humour Leadership Coaching

Humour is the ultimate leadership tool. This 3 months intensive coaching programme will turn your sense of humour into your best asset to enhance your relationships upward and downward. Become the best leader you can be through humour.
1 to 1 Humour Leadership Coaching

A 3 months starter programme to become a humour leader
Get ahead of the corporate pack and manage your career transitions with ease in this 3 months career coaching programme

Career Coaching

Career coaching can help you land the job you’ve always wanted or get that promotion. This 3 months programme is designed to accelerate your long-term professional development and drive personal growth.  
1 to 1 Career Coaching

Resilience Coaching

In the face of uncertainty, we often look for outward solutions. But we can also turn inward and use the tools that we are organically equipped with, such as humour. In this programme packed with tools & exercises, learn how to tap into the power of humour to bounce back ad thrive in times of crisis.
1 to 1 Resilience Coaching

12 weeks To build resilience through humour
Finally start that passion business with this hands on 6 months programme to turn your dream into reality

Business Coaching

Always wanted to turn your passion into a business?  This 6 months programme will help you turn your idea into a purpose based business.
1 to 1 Business Coaching

Laughter Coaching

Laughter is needed more than ever. This 8 week intensive Laughter coaching programme will take you on a journey back to wellness through laughter as your mind, body, spirit connection. Let laughter transform you in a profound way.
1 to 1 Laughter Coaching

An 8 weeks journey back to wellness through laughter
Upgrade your public speaking skills from 0 to become TEDx ready in this 10 weeks programme

Public Speaking Coaching

Using humour in your presentations can work wonders and set you apart. This 10 weeks intensive coaching programme will give you tools and strategies to turn any idea into a TEDx worth presentation and get your speaking skills to the next level.
1 to 1 Public Speaking Coaching

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