It’s Not Too Late to Become a Better Leader

Learn a leadership style that truly makes a difference.
Change the office and the world, one laugh at the time

How To Lead With Humour

1. Transform with Experiential Training

We create virtual and in-person training tailored to your objectives. We prepare your teams to develop the necessary skills to lead with humour and be better leaders. Our sessions are highly experiential. We are mixing theory, practical tips, experience sharing and interactive games.

2. Transform with Powerful Coaching

Our coaching programmes bridge science, business and entertainment in a unique combination of humour science (to work on growth mindset) and leadership (for business impact).

3. Transform with Seminars

We provide customed off-site seminar experience for small groups in a house in France’s southern Occitanie region.

Learn from
One Of The World Top Expert in Humour & Leadership

Dr Vanessa Marcie
CEO And Founder