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Bring game-changing programmes to your organisation. Transform your team’s performance, happiness level and engagement with our online programmes for your business

Introducing Leading With Humour For Business

Transform Your Organisation

Bring the transformational power of humour to your team to boost performance, increase happiness level, improve engagement and so much more…

What Makes LWH Online so Powerful?

LWH is not just another leadership programme. We’ve learned what it takes to help leaders attract and retain talents. Our curriculum is designed to fit the 21 st century leader’s toolkit and help your people to become the best leaders they can be.

What You’ll Learn

One of The World’s Most Unique Leadership Programme Is At Your Fingertips. What Are You Going To Do?

One the best investment you can make is to invest in yourself. When you grow, your career, your relationships and your overall quality of life grow with you.

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The Best Of LWH At Your Team Pace

Let your team discover the power of humour though revolutionaries online learning programmes. They will have unlimited access to transformational ideas not yet covered in mainstream learning.

Professional growth

Personal growth

Online programmes That Deliver New Habits and Behaviours change

Teams that laugh together stay together. We help you change habits and behaviours in delivering bite-sized learning that your team members can engage with individually at their own pace.
With just 15-20 minutes each day, your team will remain engaged throughout the learning process and develop new habits that stick.

Learn from
One Of The World Top Expert in Humour & Leadership

Dr Vanessa Marcie
CEO And Founder

How Leading With Humour Online Works

Step 1. Take our self-assement

Each programme starts with a 5 minutes self-assessment that helps you get a roadmap of your journey toward self-growth.

Step 2. Choose your programme

Choose from the LWH’s vault of 18 masterclasses and programmes (with more on the way).

Step 3. Start

Set aside 20 minutes a day for your self-development and begin your journey.

Enroll In Leading With Humour Online Programme

Unlimited access for 6 months to Leading With Humour’s vault of 18 masterclasses and courses (with more on the way).

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Your team will have access to one of the most unique programme in the world.

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