Learn to Laugh and Laugh to Learn

Experts say children can laugh up to 300-400 times in a day, but as adults this frequency drops to 15 times a day. Doctors all over the world recommend to get at least 15 to 20 minutes of laughter ever day to live a happy and healthy life. How? We can help you!

Let Us Entertain You

1. Laugh with Our Comedy Clubs

We’ve been in the comedy business since 2016 and we have organised stand up comedy shows across Europe. We co-founded the first afternoon comedy club in London and we host the only Comedy Club on the French Riviera. We have also recently launched our online comedy club.

Regular Comedy Shows

The LWH podcast

2. Learn with Our Podcast

The Leading With Humour Podcast brings you authors, leaders and workplace experts to discuss how to make work a better place and the role that humour plays in leadership.

3. Laugh with Our Online Laughter Club ONLINE In ENGLISH & FRENCH

Sunday 6pm Email Vanessa at events@leadingwithhumour.com

Online Laughter Club

Learn from
One Of The World Top Expert in Humour & Leadership

Dr Vanessa Marcie
CEO And Founder