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We help organisations understand the role that humour plays in leadership, and develop the skills needed to thrive in business using humour science applied to leadership

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We apply scientific, business and entertainment principles to the workplace.

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Communicate With Humour

How can humour be an effective tool for connecting with others and communicating? Knowing how to use humour helps connect with internal and external stakeholders and build strong relationships. During this training, we explore how humour can reinforce the positive elements and improve the quality of interactions throughout the communication process.

innovate With Humour

Do you want to stimulate innovation in your business and create environments conducive to creativity? Humour is one of the purest forms of creativity. It is also a powerful asset for ideation because the use of humour facilitates the free association of ideas necessary to build a culture of innovation. In this training we focus on the principles and concepts to promote humour in the process of ideation and creativity.

Humour To Sale

Knowing how to use humour in sales is an incredible skill that every salesperson should include in his sales tools. During this training we explore how humour can be a very effective icebreaker and allow you to strategically approach and conclude your business conversations.

Humour & Public Speaking

Do you want to be able to captivate your audience? Don’t think your presentations always have to be serious. Using humour in your presentations can work wonders and set you apart. In this training we focus on the different techniques used by comedians to end the era of boring presentations.

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Dr Vanessa Marcie
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