Transform Your Organisation​

Humour is a leadership tool for the 21st Century and we need it now more than ever. ​
Thriving organisations are all people-centric and share a common purpose of positive culture, collaboration and engagement. By investing in this leadership skill for their people, organisations in every industry can build a more positive, inclusive and productive workplace.

How Leading With Humour For Business Works

1.Transform Organisational Culture

Our companies and our institutions suffer from toxic cultures, employees lack of commitment and motivation, all of which negatively impact organisational productivity and employees’ well-being.
Our innovative humour-based methodology is both scientific, empirical and experiential. Using humour as a lever for learning and transformation is a new approach to consulting and management.

2. Transform your Team

Do you want to bring up the mood in your office and help your staff work better as a whole? There is nothing more powerful than humour and fun in the workplace to naturally boost optimism and build staff morale. We all prefer to have fun in the workplace and work for and with people with a sense of humour.

3. Transform Organisational Wellbeing

Employees who are under pressure are more likely to take sick leave, so a funnier and less stressful workplace is an excellent way to prevent that. The health effects humour and laughter have on your workforce will help to reduce absence costs and presenteeism.

4. Transform Organisational Leadership

A leader with a good sense of humour can help to keep things in perspective and makes people feel great. Humour and creates a strong sense of community. Employees remember better if something is explained funnily. Shared laughter creates happiness within a team, and happy people make things happen!

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Dr Vanessa Marcie
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