“I have a superpower: To make people laugh. I believe each laugh you trigger has a positive ripple effect on the world and the capacity to transform organisations, people and relationships. “


Dr. Vanessa Marcié

Finalist of the 2019 PWN Global Gender Balanced Leadership Award which recognises excellence in research for gender balanced leadership. Dr Vanessa Marcié is the founder and CEO of Leading With Humour, an innovative consulting firm that encourages executives to harness the power of humour in their change management strategies. She is a forerunner and initiator of theories of driving change through humour and is sought and supported by many actors like Inmarsat, BPI France, Qwant, 50inTech … 

As an international speaker and researcher, she is an expert in corporate communications, marketing, leadership and humour techniques. Her research work on Humour and Leadership has been published in the Financial Times and The European Business Review. She is a regular contributor to the French economic newspaper La Tribune. She is also a Cambridge Wo + Men’s Leadership Center Associate. En 2019, she was nominated as a Fellow by the Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (IKE Institute) in recognition of her research in innovation with Leading With Humour. 

She is also a seasoned professional with more than 20 years of experience in the areas of communication, marketing and business development, including as Vice President for London and Partners, the Mayor’s promotion agency in London. Vanessa Marcié is also a stand-up comedian who has created two comedy clubs, one in London and one in Cannes, scenes on which she regularly performs.She holds a PhD in Business Communications from the University of Côte d’Azur and a MBA from the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge. 

She has been selected to be one of the speakers at TEDxCambridgeUniversity and TEDxESADE2020.

Tech Genius

Mihai Ciufudean

Founder & CEO - Icey.ro

After going to university he found out that his real passion was entrepreneurship, and founded Icey – a company that was named named after his four-legged best friend, the Icey Doggo.
After just 1 year of activity, the company started to grow slowly, but surely and had projects not only from Romania, but Germany and France as well. Delivering Websites and Graphic materials for Print or digital use.
The mission at ICEY is to exceed theyer clients expectations day by day. Doing this by providing for them creative, custom and performing online solutions. Also, mixing creativity with an impeccable technical quality that take you on a journey to the moon and back.
There’s nothing that he enjoys more than working with people from other countries, understanding their needs and making their dream design come true.

Advisory Board

Michelle Medhat

Director of Operations and Strategic Development at IKE Institute & STEM Foundation

Currently, Director of Operations and Strategic Development with Executive Director responsibility for overall direction and operation of NEF Group (Institute of Innovation & Knowledge Exchange & STEM Foundation). Michelle has 27 years management and marketing experience gained in the worlds of education and business nationally and internationally. Over the years Michelle has held positions such as Managing Director of Productivity4you (an e-learning company), Marketing Director of Dubai Polytechnic and Marketing Manager at Bournemouth University. Michelle is passionate about the need for a more effective and recognisable vocational education and work based learning in STEM subjects across FE and HE. She sees innovation as being a critical ingredient to ensuring sustainable growth in education and business in the UK. 

Dr. Ana Andres del Valle

Principal Solutions Architect at Twilio Inc.

Ana has helped companies (from telcos to Real Estate) set innovation programs, face the new requirements technology is giving to their sector and bring solutions to solve new business challenges, including but not only: technology for distributed workforces, market erosion via non traditional web competitors, prioritization of tech efforts.
She got over 15 years experience in research and development of multimedia applications for communications, collaboration and entertainment; with special focus on exploiting image / video processing in advanced cross-platform (web-mobile-TV) interactive systems, unified communications and web/mobile application creation and adoption for the enterprise.