“I have a superpower: To make people laugh. I believe each laugh you trigger has a positive ripple effect on the world and the capacity to transform organisations, people and relationships. “

Hey, I’m Vanessa

I’m the CEO & founder of Leading With Humour, an innovative international consultancy that inspires leaders to unleash the power of humour to make a positive change in the world and achieve business objectives.

I design and implement strategies in addition to facilitate experiential workshops for groups of executives and for individuals. I’m a skillful standup comedian and I have used my comedy muscle for as long as I can remember.

If like me, you believe in a more meaningful, effective — and enjoyable — way to build teams, businesses, and relationships, you are at the right place!

When, a few years ago, my fear of public speaking led me to try out a stand-up comedy workshop, I found that more than just improving my public speaking skills, it showed me how the powerful impact of a laugh can transform relationships. Whether with a client, a friend, or a random stranger, I noticed that a deeper and more meaningful connection was created every time I was able to make somebody laugh.

I became passionate about creating a unique & innovative methodology to empower individuals, teams, and organisations to transform the workplace and their relationships using the underestimated asset of humour.

My research at Cambridge University, where I now lead workshops on humour in business – helped me develop a unique perspective on effective leadership and a transformative approach to business coaching, professional and management development.

My mission is to help clients develop motivation and strategies to transform their business and personal lives. Work with me to discover how you can use humour to change yours.

Dr Vanessa Marcié

MBA in organisational behaviour, innovation & marketing
 Cambridge University

PhD in business communications
Côte d’Azur University

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