Empower others through Humour

We design training sessions for your team to develop the necessary skills to lead with humour and enhance their leadership. Our training are highly experiential, mixing theory, practical tips, experience sharing and interactive games.



« Happier employees are more productive by an average of 12% » 2015 – Research from the University of Warwick. Humour brings positivity, which in return brings productivity. Do you know what else brings productivity?  Teamwork, staff morale, happiness and creativity – all of which are boosted by humour and fun.

Build trust

Encouraging cohesion within your organisation should be a priority. A fun environment in which managers laugh with their staff builds trust at all levels. A relaxed and fun environment where colleagues can enjoy time together encourages honest and open discussion and trust in one another.


The banter among employees leads to collaboration, stronger teams and better teamwork. We spend huge chunks of our waking hours at work, and we ’d much rather work with people we like and can have fun with.


Innovation rarely thrives in serious, restricted environments. To express creativity, employees need to have the freedom and psychological safety to bounce ideas off one another. A relaxed, fun environment where employees and employers have a sense of humour will encourage a creative mindset.


We bring our Humour in Leadership training to organisations through Virtual Training, In-Person Training and Keynote Speeches.

We offer companies Learning and Development opportunities focusing on essential skills for positive work culture.
Our training sessions are highly experiential, innovative and based on research.
Our content is designed to provoke a shift in perspective, in a fun and engaging way.

Together, we will choose the right training session with practical guided exercises to support your strategy and ensure collective success.
Leadership starts with self-awareness.
Our training sessions help leaders of all levels to better understand themselves and the people they manage as well as to develop new evolutionary skills to face organisational challenges.



Transform organisational culture, eradicate toxic culture & promote a positive work culture


Reconnect with the vital force of your business: your workforce. Increase employee engagement, productivity & group cohesiveness


Master an essential leadership tool for the 21st century & get your leadership to the next level 

Virtual Training

Our 90 minutes Virtual Workshops allow us to build a bespoke programme to fit the needs of your organisation. 
Our workshops focus on critical positive leadership skills to thrive in times of uncertainty.
 Each session is accompanied by worksheets designed to help embed the learnings from the session.

In-Person Training

Our programme of In-Person Training will deliver tailored and extended Workshops & Masterclasses drawing on research, business experience and comedy technics to provoke real behaviour and perspective shift. Humour is the building block for topics ranging from inclusion & diversity, innovation & creativity, communication, crisis to performance.

Our condensed 2-hours workshops are interactive and packed with impactful insights.

Our half-day masterclasses are filled with games and interactive scenarios. Participants will receive an accompanying workbook with practical exercises to implement the learnings.

Keynote Speeches

A series of 60 minutes interactive virtual or in-person sessions on the role humour plays in business. Our Keynote Speeches are an opportunity to address a large audience with an introduction to Humour in the workplace.

1 Leading With Humour in Times of Crisis 

Many psychologists and humorists agree that laughter is the best medicine and, in times of crisis, it can be a powerful tool for coping with stressful experiences and fear. The Corvid19 has affected our lives on an unprecedented global scale, yet by using humour with your team you can maintain group cohesion and have a positive influence on everyone’s mental and physical health.

2 Why Humour is a Key Tool to foster Diversity and Inclusion

The use of humour in the workplace gets mixed reviews. While humour can create positive energy in teams and help improve the sympathy capital of leaders, it can also destroy a manager’s credibility, prevent him from being taken seriously and offending people. The question is how and why humour and gender are linked in the workplace.


3 How to use Humour to be a Better Leader

Today, interpersonal skills are essential to our personal and professional success. In the workplace, we are increasingly encouraged to improve our ability to manage relationships wisely and with empathy. Organisational humour is an underestimated and underused asset that can have a huge impact on transforming organisational culture and on how employees can work better together.


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