Conflict management: The use of humour in an allegation case

Humour in conflict management: The use of humour in an allegation case

Humour in conflict management: The use of humour in an allegation case

D. is a Division Director level within a major engineering Firm.
He initially contacted me with the goal to develop humour as a new key leadership competency to assist him in his recent promotion as a group leader.

The situation was complex

We have been working together for over six months via virtual coaching sessions. 
Recently D. got involved in a dispute which was fraught with emotional paradoxes.
The situation was complex and initial discussions with both parties quickly established that neither were particularly receptive to any line of questioning.

D. needed a way to develop rapport with both parties to navigate out of this relationship conflict.

To establish the level of trust that he knew he needed to progress, D. applied some of the tools he was introduced to through my Humour Leadership Coaching Programme to balance the raw emotion and reframe the mindset of both people involved in the dispute; and it successfully worked!

The conversation became lighter, less resistant

Yes, the tears and emotion were just under the surface but using a balance between empathy, patience, and humour, we were able to navigate our way through the various challenging discussions.”

I asked D. if he would have been able to use humour to that degree before our sessions.
His response: “Absolutely not! I was not feeling confident enough to be able to use it in an allegation case.
It would have been madness.
Now, I’m applying the principles you taught me to build report early in the discussions, and it sets the tone. 
Before, I used humour to cope with a situation, and now I use it to create a better work environment.”

My core Humour Leadership Coaching Programme is a bespoke development process designed to help leaders to become more effective.

Create more profound and more personal relationships through humour

Thanks to the unique Leading With Humour methodology, you can create more profound and more personal relationships with your colleagues and clients through humour. 
Now D. uses confidently humour in his leadership strategy and his communication.

Coaching has helped D. to build trust from the first minutes of the first interaction in difficult conversations. His goal of improving team cohesion and engagement is now simpler to achieve than ever.
As a result, he has seen significant improvement in his communication.
He realised humour makes conversations less challenging, more fluid, less adversarial.
And what a difference it makes!

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