All that funny business

All that funny business – Here’s the short video we’ve worked on with Cambridge Judge Business School. Click image to watch.

What is “All that funny business?”

“All that funny business” is a short animated video project created in collaboration with Cambridge Judge Business School. It summarises Dr Vanessa MaciĆ©’s research in 1 mn ion a fun and comprehensive way!

A few days into the 1st lockdown, our CEO received a message from Cambridge Judge Business School:
-“We are thinking of a new concept to promote research from our Embas/Mbas and we think your research could be a great pilot. “
-“Tell me more, I’m intrigued”
-“We want to turn your research into a short animation”
-“That sounds fun! I’m in:)”

Several lockdowns, calls, scripts and samples’ reviews later, “All that funny business. A study of humour in the workplace” is now available!

It was a fun project to work on and, we all hope more research will be turned into a fun and easy to consume videos. Now grab your popcorns (only a handful it’s short) and let us know what you think!

Review: “This is a gem of a short movie, I love the way it connects Terry Gilliam early style while being serious and empathic!” – A fan 

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