Tired of sexist jokes in Tech?

Tired of sexist jokes in Tech? Learn how to lead with humour”- Dr Vanessa Marcié Founder & CEO Leading with Humour
Learn how to lead with humour”- Dr Vanessa Marcié Founder & CEO Leading with Humour

Vanessa has accepted the podcast invitation of 50inTech, the unique place where women in tech and the tech ecosystem meet, to discuss how to lead with humour. Leading With Humour support many initiatives to promote and help women in the workplace. If you want to know how we can humour can help your career, check our events and coaching programme If you are tired of sexist jokes in Tech, listen to the podcast👉https://anchor.fm/50intech


I work a lot with financial industries and in tech. Why? Because it’s male-dominated. I have entrepreneurs in my workshop who share stories about how difficult it is for women to be in a male-dominated environment and to support everyday male humour. 

You can use humour in a very positive way to improve your leadership and to improve the atmosphere within your team and the culture of your company.

Why did I accept the 50inTech invitation? As a woman who built a career in male-dominated industries, I developed a masculine sense of humour and used my sense of humour to be part of the boys’ club and advance my career. In an industry where women are still a minority, support of a strong network is essential. And that is why I accepted the invitation. It is a bold and necessary initiative. And I believe women should help each other, so in the future, there will be no male or female leader just leaders without gender.

Every day I share my knowledge and experience to achieve this goal with a mission to create a million smiles in the workplace and build gender equity with humour.

Do you lead a team? Do you want to improve your leadership skills? Learn how to use Humour in Leadership. We offer a curriculum of virtual classes (new dates added regularly) and 1-1 coaching programmes to help leaders to master a leadership tool for the 21st century: humour. Our curriculum is designed to provide deep self-awareness, awareness of others and a mindset shift on work and life.
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