Our CEO talks about Humour & Innovation

Our CEO’s talks about Humour & Innovation

Our CEO’s talks about Humour & Innovation

Dr Vanessa Marcie got interviewed by La Tribune last December and the article published is still in the 10 most read articles! Following the rising interest of readers on the subject, Vanessa has been invited to write regularly on the subject in the French newspaper. Read her latest article on humour and innovation 👇🏻

In the current context where you have to “innovate or die”, the fierce competition between companies creates environments conducive to innovation. However, successful innovation must be encouraged.“👉🏻http://ow.ly/Ywv950yxUI2

Do you believe humour can foster innovation and creativity?  Humour is one of the purest forms of creativity. It is also a powerful asset for ideation because the use of humour facilitates the free association of ideas needed to build a culture of innovation.
At Leading With Humour we believe humour can stimulate innovation in your business and create environments that are conducive to creativity. We don’t only write about it, we train people and organisation on the principles and concepts to promote humour in ideation and creativity.

Leading With Humour is an innovative consultancy and learning & development company. We are dedicated to developing leadership and emotional intelligence through humour. We offer a variety of training and coaching programmes and business services dedicated to leading and living with humour and laughter.  To discover YOUR sense of humour and how to laugh your way to success, take our FREE Humour & Leadership Quiz