Humour empowers others positively

I loved how humour opened me up to new perspectives both personally and with others.
For Tonia Mattu, Founder YUOLOGY humour empowers others positively

We have asked one of our Humour Champion, Tonia Mattu, Founder of YUOLOGY her insights on how to lead with humour. Discover how humour empowers others positively.

What does “leading with humour” means to you?

Leading with humour means empowering others through being a positive presence. It’s not about making jokes or not taking things seriously, but it’s offering a sense of calm flow that encourages curiosity and collaboration.

Can you share a story on how humour has impacted your life/business?

In my life, I took a class on how to do stand up comedy in an attempt to get out of my comfort zone, challenge my own limits and strengthen my confidence. It was the first time I made humour a focus. I loved how humour opened me up to new perspectives both personally and with others. I gained a greater sense of appreciation for diverse ideas and opinions. And, I find myself being more accepting of others.

Tips on how to use humour in leadership

What we project will perpetuate. So, it starts with leaders being a positive force of encouragement and creating an environment that is open to self-expression and curiosity.

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